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The tagline of this website is “Answering Your Thoughts”—and that is exactly what Inverted Answers aims to do, to create a platform where both objectivity and subjectivity are present. Objectivity in articles which provides an unbiased view of events and happenings working alongside subjective opinion pieces which will provide an opportunity for the readers to think from another perspective. This website is specifically made for the youth of today, who are eager to find and absorb information but are unable to find a place to do so.



The uniqueness of this website comes from the fact that it is almost entirely comprised of students who are able to grasp the mindset of any average student reader, since they too share similar thought processes. It is this student writing team that aims to fulfill every expectation a reader has from a content website such as this one.



An entire section is dedicated to “Explain” certain issues relevant at the time from a perspective that has not gained traction in popular media. This is an attempt to be different, to do something not done before. There is scope for opinions that may not be generally accepted but need to be heard regardless. Very often, popular opinion is taken to be the only valid opinion; this website offers an alternative—allowing the readers to form their own opinion.



There is also a place set aside for issues relevant to particular colleges across Kolkata, where campus-specific stories can be shared for both the people studying in the college to relate to and people from other colleges to discover. An atmosphere of sharing and exchanging experiences is cultivated through these stories.



Other sections include Tech, Sports, Cover Stories, News (International and National), Lifestyle and Gallery.



There is no limitation or censorship on the content of the articles, of which, some cannot be found anywhere else as they are marginalised by mainstream media; hence, one can find any and all articles relevant to one’s interests here. From pop culture to food, and tech news to sports, the website covers everything.



It is not a place of pretension; articles about social issues co-exist with articles related to fashion, all of which are written in a lucid manner to facilitate readership. The point is not to perch on a raised pedestal and point out what you don’t know, but rather to aid you in your quest for knowledge. Any person willing to broaden their horizons should not miss out on this venture.



The idea is to cover both entertainment and serious news in an engaging and thought-provoking manner, so that one does not feel infantilised by the content, nor do they feel condescended. There is nothing but a pure desire to get previously unspoken messages across.



The website, despite being launched on the 1st of April, 2016, is definitely no joke. It is a serious, yet entertaining outlet. It is informative, without being incomprehensible. It aims for equilibrium in a world where equilibrium is being lost at every moment. And, in my opinion, we need all the balance we can get.




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