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We, the citizens of a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic have found that Indian Railways has always tried its best to make our train journey smooth and numinous either by bringing out new trains with efficient speedometers that assure to reach the destination within the shortest possible time span or by enriching the quality and service.


One such page of the planning diary of 2016 for the railways is nonetheless behind and is soon going to find its way into the reality. Yes we are talking about a high speed train, ‘Talgo’ to be launched soon in India if everything goes according the plans. If you are a travel maniac and you enjoy travelling by train by treating your eyes with the evergreen sceneries that appear across the window panes but you also want your train to move like a galloping horse, here is Talgo for you. Add more to it, you may also enjoy the luxury of Spanish coaches.


With its headquarters in Madrid, Spain , Talgo is one of the leading companies in the Spanish railway sector having started in 1941.


The first Talgo trial run is expected to head from Mumbai to Delhi and if everything goes well, the wheels may roll out on different routes.

Though a Talgo 250 can run at a speed of 250 kmph, trials will be conducted in India at  150-160 kmph and can beat Rajdhani by covering the Mumbai-Delhi route in 12 hours .

Besides no major overhauling of tracks required for running trains, talgo comes with exciting features like foot rests, reading lights, audio entertainment control, tables, monitors with video entertainment etc. for individual seat.

Its efficient cooling technology can keep the interior pleasant even when the outside temperature has reached its peak.

It also promises a shower unit, in-house restaurant and cafeteria.  On the other hand , it can help in energy consumption and can reduce railways’ electricity bill by 30%.

With so many features on the cards, it might appear expensive but if you still manage to go for it, it’s worth the money.






So hold on passengers and wait for the day when the wheels finally start to roll.


Written by – Anurag Chakrabortty






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