The Fresh Face of Indian Advertisements



Advertisements have been representing the mind-set of the society for over decades now. They have played a major role in shaping and inspiring people, I mean that is what art does! It introduces us to new concepts and ideas which were quiet alien to us in the recent past. Advertisements brought up skinny fair concepts of beauty, where applying a certain product would give you confidence to face the world out, because of course! Fair white skin equals to confidence in life. They have commercialized their products by objectifying human beings especially women, like how the utility of deodorants are to attract women to you. Well, body odour is one of the basic aspects to look into your partner but to be literally drawn to even a pervert due to the fragrance of a certain perfume is more alarming!

This article tries to focus on the new age of advertisements where the producers are trying to present unconventional approaches to bring forth fresh attitudes to look into age old commodities. Here are 6 such must watch advertisements.


  1. Myntra


While the society has a number of homophobics, Myntra dared to picturize a same sex relationship and their attempt to bring it forth to their parents as she says, ‘I trust us.’ As criticised later, it has certain directing flaws and uneasy acting but should be given higher credits for attempting something like this in our country where we can get 10 years of imprisonment for this! We can exercise our rights in choosing from various different hair products and decide which one to use, but we can’t choose the one we want to spend our life with.


  1. Biba


The age old arranged marriage system that has always carried its stock expectations of the girl being the expert of the kitchen zone and other homely activities and the boy being ‘the man’ winning the world out there! Biba brings around the change adding a positive spark to arrange marriages.


  1. The Times Of India





This might not present anything absolutely out of the box in terms of concepts but is important part of this list as it reminds us to be the initiators in life. People could try to bring about the change instead of brooding over their coffee mugs and blaming others.


  1. Titan Raga



#HerLifeHerChoices. Well the possibility of a woman giving up her family to continue working could lead to ‘unbelievable’ kind of glance exchanges in the so called ‘modern’ society, which encourages female rights and talk about women empowerment. The Patriarchal structure fails to accept what they pretend hard to preach.


  1. Dabur Vatika




We all have memories of our grandmothers oiling our hair and reminding us of what an important asset our hair is. Here Dabur Vatika brings this encouraging advertisement to support all cancer patients. Medical experts believe that cancer patients largely suffer from depression. Initiatives like this would bring a teary smile to all those braving the cancer battle.


  1. Bournvita



Caught up between learning and wanting to speed up for more numbers gleaming on the score sheets, this advertisement brings forth the actual motive that all educational institutions should be catering to. The 21st century children are born to parents with a disease known as ‘overriding ambition’ of a turning them into potential machines chasing themselves down the rat race. Bournvita uses the calmness of this advertisement to let those minds breathe and help them give their ideas a thought!

  1. Titan Raga





STOP being BIASED. We all are very familiar with rumours around a successful woman of being specially favoured by men. This appropriately reflects the thought procedures of the society and slams back hard on such narrow minded souls.


Written by: Subhalaxmi Chakraborty



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