Tandoor House: Why Is It So Popular Among Students?

The North Indian food joint, Tandoor House, situated at 24, Southern Avenue, near Kalighat metro station never fails to be crowded by people who enjoy the beauty of little things in life, like, a full plate of Biriyani (among other things!). The upper floor of this two-storied place is the most coveted among visitors, large groups of people are always ready to wait outside the restaurant for their chance at the upper floor seats.





The place is not what you would call spacious and posh, but it does offer a nostalgic ambience with its half-lit sitting arrangements, its walls adorned with paintings, pictures of great musicians of olden days, guitars, music CD’s, classic cinema posters with the bonus of two juxtaposed paintings of a Bollywood queen and a vampire!





The place also has a large collection of books! Waiting up for someone? Kill the boredom by picking out a book, you never know, you might just find out one of your favourites!

Interesting ambience and good food at low price, that is basically what draws the food lovers, namely the college-goers in to Tandoor House. It offers numerous combo meals and thalis that are as delicious as they are affordable.

“Simply because Tandoor House serves delicious finger licking combo meals within shoestring price. The ambience too, is perfectly up to the mark.”, Srijoyee Banerjee who frequents the place for lunch dates with her boyfriend says when she is asked why she chooses the same place every time.


The most sought-out combo however is the chicken/mutton Biriyani combo at 100 and 120 rupees respectively which does not really attract until you find out that the combo provides you two pieces of chicken/mutton reshmi kebab, one plate of chicken/mutton rezala with the regular chicken/mutton biriyani.






Among other things, Tandoor House‘s chello kebab platter, chicken wings kebab and chicken roast have the capability to send you into some sort of foodie heaven.




chicken wings kebab
chicken wings kebab




chello kebab
chello kebab


For those who do not really have a taste for North Indian cuisine and will only visit the restaurant under peer pressure, Tandoor House serves a mean chicken steak and sizzler, the juicy chicken breast is cooked with a sour-sweet sauce that is so very unique and unlike the steak or sizzler, famous steak joints like Peter Cat or Steak House serves. It also has a Chinese combo meal at only Rs. 100, but keep in mind that Tandoor House is special for its quality in North Indian cuisine, the Chinese dishes, therefore, are not highly recommended.






In other words, if you do not really have a lot of money yet you have to impress your friends with a treat, or just satisfy your own cravings for good food, Tandoor House should be the place high up on your list.


Written by: Sushrita Acharjee



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