How just a little makes you smile – Terrible Tiny Talkies.




Little things have their own way of charming up our lives. It is not about how our stories end, it’s about how they go about and their journey till the end. Terrible Tiny Talkies brings about a number of such interesting few short films that linger on leaving behind a smile on the viewers’ face.


For further experience, here are four such short films produced by the Terrible Tiny Talkies upholding various shades of relationships in our daily life.



Technology is wrapping us up in comfort and gifting us a very easy way of living but the black buttons would never be equivalent to the warmth of the fingertips of our loved ones. A story about how we are keeping up to the new equipments.






A lot can happen over coffee, goes the saying! What about a little game? The link below will present a troubled mother-son relationship settling matters over a game of table tennis.






When do you stop growing up actually? I guess the day we die. For every single moment, every small relationship, every acquaintance adds to our growing up into a more mature person. This film is a heartfelt story of a father bringing up his daughter on his own. After all, we all daughters know, Daddy be the best!





You curse. You fight. You share. You love.
How will it be if you and your best friend would grab the opportunity to live together?

And, then what would the day be like when one of you decide to move out?
Watch to explore this amazing moment of separation.






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