Five Litchi Recipes to Try This Summer

In the illustrious line up of flavourful summer fruits, the Litchi is often ignored. These small, round fruits, sweet in taste and juicy in texture are underestimated to a great degree. The mango hogs the spotlight like it always has- there is simply no end to Mango based dishes, ranging from sweet to sour. Litchis have remained on the side- very few have bothered to take up this fruit for experimentation. However, some gelato outlets do sell litchi flavoured gelato nowadays. If you are a fan of the litchi, or you are an experimental cook who loves to look up new recipes, why not give these a try?




Litchi Cheesecake : Cheesecakes can easily be made at home with a few simple ingredients like digestive biscuits, cream cheese and lime. Why not add in the litchi flavour for a new twist?









Litchi Pudding: Puddings are best enjoyed in small bowls or cups, in intimate gatherings of friends and family. Surprise them all the net time they visit, with this simple litchi pudding that only takes a couple of minutes to make.









Litchi Ice Cream: Is there anyone on this planet who does not love ice cream? We guess not. You can make this litchi ice cream without an ice cream machine. It’s THAT simple.







Litchi Cake: Maybe you’ve never thought about this, so it sounds a bit strange- but the sweetness of the litchis goes delightfully well with the softness of the butter cake. If you don’t believe us, try it yourselves.









Litchi Mocktail: What is summer without a refreshing beverage? Take a break from the juice and the soft drinks: Treat yourself with this sweet, tasty Litchi Mocktail.










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