Fight for a fairy tale, it exists.

Sometimes we dream out of our classroom windows of how beautiful our childhood had been, and wonder why we ever give in to the trap of growing up. “Why God, Why? We had a deal!”(Joey style) Then there is that lot that judges you with raised eyebrows for watching animated films like all you get to see in cartoons are meaningless colourful figures running here and there!
Every time you reach this mode, take a deep breath and go back to Disney. You will see how childhood had set measures and had sung songs for you to be ready to war adulthood.


Remember the singing therapy? How our favourite characters would choose music to enunciate their emotions and hop around the room not caring what others feel. How even cleaning a entire cottage  was not a big deal for Snow White!


Hence, lesson 1: Nothing is that difficult!



snow white







Winnie the Pooh went honey dripping and has probably been the wisest bear on the planet! And definitely he was fat and cared a lot about his friends. So what if your neighbour called you names because of your ‘conventionally’ inappropriate figure, your childhood best friend always taught you to love yourself for who you are!


Lesson 2: Be proud of your body.











Over burned every night  with our end results of procrastination and failing to meet deadlines, sinking into the pillow we pray for miracles to rescue us. We dream of finding the right cupboard to escape into Narnia. Even after ransacking your siblings cupboard for better stock of clothes, the failure of arriving at a party with not so like you wanted to come, remember that even miracles take their time.


Lesson 3: Hope On!










If you think you are the only one struggling to fight your demons every night and creating them again with your power of over thinking, and every single moment you realize you are going a bit crazier; just remember the story is all different. Your head is a beautiful canvas of your creations. Smile at Dumbledore as he winks back at you saying,  ‘Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?‘ Disney reminds us how we are special zoned and can give a smirky look to the ignorant advisers around us !


Lesson 4: Be a little mad.











But what do you do on a rainy day of heart ache? You could choose denial and sleep but I have a magic to remind you of. You could always steal chocolates from the fridge and stuff them in your pockets. Chocolates can mend all kinds of heart break (almost all). In the grown up world a single problem is expected to be sorted with a lot of pencil scribbling and brain screwing while years back we had already been told a trick!


Lesson 5: Look for little ways of happiness.











The last mantra for the day is to keep going. Dory would chant it all day to finally make through all the impossible sharkly dangers! Nothing can keep you from making it if you are armed with a smile and a pair of keen eyes looking out for opportunity. Such words might sound fake and idealistic but close your eyes and picturise Dory…


Lesson 6: Keep Swimming.







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