“BHAY” – the most used current term in India, which means “Fear” . A human is bound by several emotions , such as Fear, Anger, Joy, Lust, Sadness, Jealousy, and so on. The one who overcomes these emotions never remains the same human being. He/She instead becomes the eternal and immortal name in this mortal earth.

Have you ever seen, “Life of Pi” ? May I ask about your post-movie reactions ? Well, surely it must be something enthusiastic, motivational and life-cherishing. Personal experiences may differ from one another, but outside the common bracket there is always a theme which redirects lost hopes towards life. Unfortunately, it was just opposite for Jyoti Singh, whose life took a Devil’s turn and redirected her at first to hell and later to heavens.

After the night if 16th December, 2012, nothing in her life remained heavenly, not even a ‘Heavenly Hell’. Each and every person have at least once tried to imagine her nocturnal sufferings but they further never dared to imagine, so as to avoid massive goosebumps and palpitations.

“Delhi” the moment we hear the name, we think of “Capital City” , “Compact History” , “Taj Mahal”, etc. But after the date 16.12.12. the prime word which floats over conceptual Delhi is “Unsafe”. If we go by the records of the past few years, it is clearly visible that, the “Animal Attack” on Jyoti ignited the desires of many such “Human Race – Wild Animals” and even they fed on many such Damsel Delicacies like Jyoti.

In our present state, we can say that “Rape” is the current suffix to India. my words might sound brutal and shameless , but it is way more less brutal and shameless than the intense ruthless physical assault which JYOTI aka DAMINI aka NIRBHAYA faced that night. She fought like a “Nirbhaya”- the fearless, till she succumbed to her fatal internal injuries on 29.12.12. Her brutal rape, assault, kidnapping, robbery and murder stirred millions of hearts, thus she became “India’s Daughter” . She even became the subject of the Canadian Drama Film “Anatomy of Violence” by Deepa Mehta. It showed a “devastating fictional dramatization on the lives of the rapist” and was banned in India.


No more Assaults


Ram Singh, Mukesh Singh, Muhammad Afroz, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma, Akshay Thakur were the ones who stole her sense of fear by torturing her as hell and made her “Nirbhaya” – the fearless. “Hey, you are not 18 ! Rape and walk away.” was one of the sarcastic protests which propped up against the release of Muhammad Afroz being Juvenile. Such Justice, Much Wow ! A person below 18 can have the filthy mentality to Rape – which itself involves adult and sexual contents but, according to the law he is not eligible to be punished just because of his “Immaturity”. Ironical, isn’t it ? If we commit a sin, we must also have the courage to admit it and face it’s consequences. Ram Singh proved his cowardice by attempting suicide on 11th March, 2013, at Tihar Jail.

There is a common saying that “Men are Dogs” – I protest. Honestly, by saying this we are seriously disrespecting the love and sincerity Dogs have towards their Masters. Do not generalize “Males to be Dogs, instead specify the Rapists to be “Jackals”. The Jackals does not have the guts to attack individually, instead they attack their prey in groups. Similarly, these henious sex parasites smooches the “Power to Protest” out from the victims.

From the headline ” City Shamed : Girl gangraped in Bus in South Delhi.” to the headline “Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case : ‘Brutal, Barbaric, Demonic’ Supreme Court ordered – hang till death to Nirbhaya’s rapists” , the country saw the evolution Judiciary and blooming of Justice. The country’s faith towards the law is now doubled. “Bhagwan ke ghar der hai, andher nahi” – which means that “there may be delay but not darkness in God’s house of justice” is once again proved. Jyoti can now literally Rest in Peace. The country’s prayers showed effect. Indians worship Divine knowledge, Infinite power, etc in forms of Saraswati and Kali.

Its time to speak up against Rape.



It is just that, few cheap minds ” Worship the Lady, Torture their ladies. Sisters tie Rakhis, brothers loosen their ties, to feast on Damsel delicacy” – forcefully. In this age of Patriarchy, the obstinacy of the male sex is considered prime, may it be gang rape or marital rape.


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