Berklee College of Music celebrates Bengali New Year with their song “Jaago Piya”

On the auspicious occasion of Bangla Noboborsha, the first day of the Bengali Calendar year 1423, Berklee College of Music released their version of the song “Jaago Piya”

The first in a series of original compositions from the Berklee Indian Ensemble, “Jaago Piya” was written by Armeen Musa, the first Bangladeshi student to join the Berklee Indian Ensemble. The Bengali lyrics were written by Dr. Nashid Kamal.

The song was recorded with students from 17 countries. They described the song “Jaago Piya” as a gentle, loving reminder to stay present, in the moment, to always be hopeful, and live a life filled with gratitude.




According to Armeen, “What inspires me is music. The ability of music to connect to our silent thoughts, be a gift of solidarity, in happiness and sadness, inspires and motivates me, to be a part of motions bigger than myself.”

Founded in 2011 by faculty member, Annette Philip, the Berklee Indian Ensemble is one of largest and most diverse ensembles at Berklee. The ensemble performs a wide array of South Asian music, with the ultimate goal of presenting concerts that consist entirely of original student compositions.



Video Source- Berklee College of Music

Contributed by- Samprit Basu



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