5 Free Online Music Courses for those who Love Music

Summer has truly arrived- with all its heat, sweat, fatigue and stress. With the sun burning us down to the ground (almost), we are desperately looking for escape routes. Some are taking vacations (the lucky ones!), others are seeking to cool themselves in AC rooms, drinking cold drinks and juices. Some might try to pursue a hobby, immersing themselves in work to forget about the harsh weather. If music is one of your favourite escapes into bliss, you could take a free online course this summer to delve deeper into the field. These courses require a handful of work hours per week. They are full of lectures, videos and materials that are sure to excite any fan of music. Look through our  list to find out what suits your taste:



1. Introduction to Classical Music by Yale University



This is what the course is about : “The aim of this course is to explicate the mysteries and beauties of some of Western cultures greatest musical compositions—among them masterpieces of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, and Puccini. We begin with the elements of music, breaking classical musical into its components of pitch, duration, and sound color, allowing us to better understand how music works. Next, we proceed to the compositions themselves, starting with the Middle Ages and Renaissance, to show how Western music developed in ways unique to the West. Ultimately, we reach the masters, commencing with Bach. What makes his music great? Why does it move us? What should we listen for? And so we proceed down through Western musical history, visiting virtually the people who created it and the places where they did so. By the end, we hope all of us have become more human (enriched our personalities) and had a rollicking good time!”



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2. Introduction to Guitar by Berklee College of Music



Nowadays everybody is in love with guitar. This is the best opportunity to learn guitar, for free, from your own home, from one of the best music colleges in the world!



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3. Songwriting by Berklee College of Music


Now this is an unique one. Almost all of us love music, but how many have considered writing music- both lyrics and tunes? Pursue this short course and surprise your friends by singing them your original compositions!




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4. Music as Biology: What We Like to Hear and Why by Duke University



According to the course page, “The course will explore the tone combinations that humans consider consonant or dissonant, the scales we use, and the emotions music elicits, all of which provide a rich set of data for exploring music and auditory aesthetics in a biological framework. Analyses of speech and musical databases are consistent with the idea that the chromatic scale (the set of tones used by humans to create music), consonance and dissonance, worldwide preferences for a few dozen scales from the billions that are possible, and the emotions elicited by music in different cultures all stem from the relative similarity of musical tonalities and the characteristics of voiced (tonal) speech.”

Those who love Science and Music will definitely find this one intriguing!




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 5. Music Technology Foundations by the University of Adelaide


This is for all those who want to make music a career. Taking this course will give you a basic idea about what to do if you want to pursue the path of a serious musician. Learn about the way technology can be used to create and market music in the 21st century.


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