Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them New Featurette From Rowling

While emotions and excitements about ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ have yet to die down, now J.K.Rowling has appeared in a new featurette for her commentary on the upcoming film based on her book (2001) and screenplay, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’. Set in the wizarding world, the story follows Newt Scamander, a wizard interested in magical creatures- a magizoologist, who is visiting 1926 New York.



(a still from the film)



The British-American fantasy drama film is being made as a spin-off of the Harry Potter series. It is directed by David Yates, the director of the last four Harry Potter films. Though, there are different opinions amongst fans about this rekindling of the series, when the HP theme music plays right at the beginning of the featurette, all Potterheads must have been hit by that sneaky friend called nostalgia.






‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ was actually a a textbook used by the students of Hogwarts. The book by ‘Newt Scamander’ is available, it is supposedly Harry’s copy of the book which was mentioned in ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone’. The book also has Ron, Hermione and Harry’s handwritten notes beside the texts detailing their own experiences with different magical creatures. The actual screenplay of the film is also going to be published in November as a book.









“My heroes are always people who feel themselves to be set apart, stigmatised, or ‘othered’. That’s the heart of most of what I write, and it’s certainly at heart of this movie.”, Rowling has said in the featurette. She has also hinted at how the film deals with Muggle-Wizard relationship in the secretive wizarding government of America and a serious menace that is created when a Muggle opens Newt’s box of magical creatures. Also, we have seen how the Bowtruckle makes an appearance.



(watch the full featurette here)



The official trailer and teaser of the film was released beforehand.





After the book being decided to be cinematized in September, 2013, it is finally releasing on November 18, 2016. For more details, cast, behind-the-scenes, visit: 



So, is it November already?







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